About Us


Steve Horin is a  homeowner, a parent and hard-working businessman. He knows the kind of  pressure families are under to keep a well maintained home and still  make ends meet. He is committed to doing the best possible work at a  fair price. The "you get what you pay for" rule certainly applies to  the world of paint, refinishing and power washing. There are quicker,  cheaper ways to get the job done - but Steve's commitment to quality is  uncompromising. He won't cut corners or use inferior materials. But  Steve's not about cheap and will never compromise on the materials and  time needed to do the job right. His promise is to charge a fair price  for each project, knowing that every customer has a budget and every  budget has its limits.

With hundreds of satisfied customers in southern New Jersey, Steve excels in:

  • Interior and Exterior painting and refinishing  
  • Wallpaper removal and hanging 
  • Pressure washing 
  • Quality work on every surface,including drywall, aluminum and cedar   

Headquartered in Millville, Cumderland County and fully licensed and  insured,Steve approaches housepaint, wallpaper and refinishing with  old-school ideas about professionalism and craftsmanship:

 Do the job right, the first time 

  • Take the time to deliver the results the customer expects 
  • Use the best materials available 
  • Charge a fair price 

A free estimate is a phone call away: call 856.327.9070